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The Hmong people from Sapa

In winter I visited Vietnam. Travelled from the south in the Mekong Delta, all the way to Sapa in the north. Sapa is home to several hill tribes. The Hmong people. The Hmong are not so much bound to one country, but more to a larger region. So you'll find them in several Asian countries. Our guide, a Hmong woman, took us past a school where we hung around for a while. I tried participating in the local hackey sack game. They play it with a shuttle like object (pretty similar to badminton) and has bells attached to it, so it makes a lot of noise. I wasn't very succesful, being from Europe a prefer a round ball :) 

All the people were superfriendly and those who could speak English were in for a little chat. With the kids it was easier, you just play the games and get laughed at because you're rubbish. No conversation needed. 

The 2 photographs below are from that schoolyard and a little guy wandering with a little bit of apple. 




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