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The High Performance Life blog

I'm working on the brand identity for a blog called The High Performace Life ( It's a daily blog with the tagline Life, Learning, Fitness, and each post shares ideas that the author (joe gagnon) has about these three topics. The blog's description is as follows:

By applying techniques for mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness, Joe Gagnon believes we are all capable of living the High Performance Life where body, mind, and soul come together for a fulfilled life.

Currently the blog is supported by tumblr, but we're switching platforms, which gives me a chance to rebuild the look and feel from scratch! While this blog has evolved some over it's lifetime, there hasn't been much of a plan for it, so I'm excited to give it some structure. In addition to updating our branding, I also plan on updating it's content strategy, as a total re-vamp of the blog.


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