The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place - student project

I chose to make a poster for the movie about Corrie Ten Boom, "The Hiding Place". Unfortunately, I accidentally threw out the paper with my ideas and preliminary sketches. I first listed out words and phrases that came to mind while reflecting on the movie. I gathered inspiration from the quote from Betsey Ten Boom that pretty much sums up the underlying theme of this film; "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still."

Armed with these ideas, I took out my paper and sharpie and began sketching up ideas, finally coming up with the idea for the pit, swastika, and silhouette. I wanted to give this poster a hand-drawn affect, (which may be too much, I'll take any feedback) so I sketched out the person, swastika, and lines for the pit on paper then put them into Illustrator. 

After I had my pieces, I assembled and formatted. Lastly, I worked with the colors, deciding to put the person in white instead of black, and using a gradient on the walls of the pit, resulting in the final work I have down below. (Forgive the poor quality of the screenshot) Looking back, I might want to go back and add texture to the walls, or some splatters by the swastika, but for now I am mostly content with this version. 

The Hiding Place - image 1 - student project