The Hero's Journey and Harry Potter

Class Description:

A lot of western literature has common themes and tropes running through it, including the Hero's Journey or Cycle, as illustrated by Joseph Campbell. In this course, we will explore what the Hero's Journey is and how it relates to the ever popular Harry Potter, and how you can use the Hero's Journey in your own writing.

Project Description:

Your Hero's Journey

Now that we've gone over how the Hero's Journey works, it is time to apply it to your own writing, or your favorite book, film, or show!

  1. Pick a story. You can use one of your own you are working on or have an idea for, or you can use a story you enjoy. If you're struggling to find a story you think fits, try using Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit stories.
  2. Download the Hero's Journey PDF attached here and use it as a guide for the various steps along the way. It includes the Harry Potter examples we were talking about to help you remember what each step entails.
  3. Share your journeys! Remember, not all journeys need to use every step, and if you get stuck on a part, let us help! Post your journeys in any and all stages of development for feedback and encouragement!

Class Outline: