The Hero's Dose

This project sent me down a rabbit's hole. I started trying by writing "Hero's Dose" in my natural script. Then in the search for perfection and balance, I delved deep into Copperplate script, bought a pointed calligraphy pen, and after a few weeks I wound up completely frustrated and overwhelmed. Ironically, I ended up using my daughter's marker (instead of the dozens of brush pens and markers available to me) to create a monoline version that was more true to how I write. I'm very open to feedback! I know this class posted in 2014 so I'm hoping folks are still active.

Here's where I ended up after dozens of iterations with several pens. I couldn't resolve the "se" so I went for the exaggerated s. 


Digital version... (totally sloppy)


Then while I was doodling, I landed on an style that stuck with me.



Here it is in vector form. I haven't added flourishing. I'd like the ending s and e to interact somehow. 


The negative space between the words wasn't resolved so I tweaked the form altogether. I added the spectrum in preparation for a trippy animation piece. This isn't complete though. I'm still interested in using flourishing to tie everything together.



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