The Heroes

The Heroes - student project

A T-shirt promoting a fictional band and their international tour, in the 19th century. The members would be dressed in victorian outfits and the text and ornaments be contemporary of the era.

The text below them would read:

"The Heroes"


International Tour for Equality

This plays with the idea of rockbands which didnt exist back then, but never mentioning music, concerts or anything of that sort. What the band is doing while touring would be left to the viewers interpretation.


-Dated around 1780 - 1846,  which would allow for some elegant typography.

-The illustration technique could be the same style of line as in a banknote, if sizing allows for so much detail, otherwise I would consider simplifying.

-I'm playing with the idea of adding elaborate suits and interesting props like books and smoking pipes in their hands, to suggest their interest in philosophy, education etc.

I will begin my composition sketches now, any ideas?

Some updates:

1. I have finalized the main titles using 1800s advertising calligraphy, the text means THE HEROES in spanish:

The Heroes - image 1 - student project

The next step is to find an illustration technique to draw these guys, something that matches the style of the font and that it doesnt look like a filter or automatic vectorization. Help me think of ideas! Send some links to examples if necessary.

I would also appreciate some input regarding composition and color.

Thanks, David.


The Heroes - image 2 - student project