The Hermit


Hi everyone ^^
This is a little story that I have been working on that I  hope to convert later into a short. 
I apologize for written form and rather draft ideas that I have at the moment. 

One fine morning, a hermit was strolling along the beautiful beach.

He finds scrap that have been washed up onto the beach.
[scrap - I'm still deciding what sort of "shells" that would interest the hermit . Probably  a boot,  hat, etc...]
He starts to imagine how he might look in each "shell"  that could replaced his tiny shell that is becoming impossible to fit his body.

As he was removing his shell, he noticed a huge overcasting shadow on the ground. He quickly turns back to look what was coming and realized that a huge wave was about to collide on him. He panics and quickly grabs onto the nearest twig stucked in the sand for dear life.

The next moment, the hermit finds himself bare  and vulnerable.He realized the wave had apparently swept away everything.  A dark shadow was hovering around the hermit and he notices a sharp yellow beak  of seagull as he looks up.

An immediate instinct triggered the hermit to quickly burrow itself into the sand for cover and protection. As he was digging the sand, he stumbles onto a dirty old glass bottle that appears to contain a beautiful shell.

The seagull prepares a napkin over it's neck before it descends down to feast the hermit.

The hermit struggles frantically to pull out the bottle with his right claw as the seagull approaches with it's wing tucked  back like a bullet  accelerating towards it's target.

The speed was incredibly fast that created a huge dust(sand storm) on beach.

Once the dust was cleared, hermit was nowhere to be found on the beach.

 As we look into the sky,  we find the hermit  left claw grabbing onto the beak of the seagull while it's right claw holding onto the bottle. Both hermit  and seagull were shocked about the outcome. 

The hermit uses the bottle  in it's claw and smashes onto the seagull's head so as to release it's claw from the seagull's beak.  The numerous beatings  from the hermit made the seagull unconscious, therefore causing them to flung down onto the ground.

There was a brief blackout. Hermit gets back up on it's feet and finds the bottle broken. There was a piece of paper that was slightly torn on the sharp edges of the bottle.  He had realised that the drawing was a painting of a shell which he had mistaken for  an actual shell because of the hard to see through dirt. He was sad and disappointed. 

Another shadow cast from a feather as it descends onto the edge of the bottle. The hermit's eyes instantly sparkle like an idea had hit it.

The hermit walks away with it's new home. (bottom half of the bottle covered with  the feathers of the seagull so it's not sharp and piercing to the body) Leaving the seagull bare and featherless. :)


I will revise the text  later and get some sketeches out..