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The Hempyre

Name of Company: The Hempyre

Slogan: Righteous & Harmonious Threads

This slogan is based off of the "Boxers" of the Boxer Rebellion that made up the society of righteous and harmonious fists. This group of young men used diet, martial arts and prayer in order to attain extraordinary skills and fight with the spirited soldiers above against imperialists and foreign armies. Similarly, The Hempyre consists of a small group of people who believe in spreading positive messages through creative design using religious/social/political influence. 

Currently, the company is in its beginning phase and we are still selling through crowdsourcing sites. However, once the funding comes in we will aim to produce t-shirts out of a 45% hemp and 55% organic cotton blend. Our most important future endeavor is to cultivate our own hemp plantation. Here, ex-prisoners and corrected rehab patients will be given the opportunity to become financially stable through constructive labor before entering into common society. 


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