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The Help

So, after much deliberation and weeping and gnashing of teeth, I have officially decided to use The Help as my book for this project (There were just so many good options I had a really hard time deciding!!).

I re-read the first third or so of the book to remind myself of the writing style and the derscriptions of the characters, then I did loads of research on the background and different themes in the book before I started brainstorming. 

Here are  a few ideas for loose concepts I came up with after brainstorming:

  • 1960s illustration style
  • Depict the separation of whites and blacks of the time, but also the working together of the main characters
  • Hypocrisy and the breakdown of the "old ways." Maybe use that 60s illustration style to make it look pretty, but then also really worn down and falling apart to symbolize the white women's need for everything to appear pleasent even though severe injustices are happening because of it.
  • Plantation homes vs. Shacks
  • Literature is used to bring about change (The book in the book, Skeeter's editing of the newsletter, Aibeleen's prayer lists, etc)
  • Love and courage is used to counter hate and irrationality.

I've decided to work with an "H" for my drop cap because I think it will be easier to depict the many themes that are present in the book. 

EDIT: Also the caramel pie! If you've read the book you know how important the pie is, and it's a mystery taken through most of the novel. I'd really like to incorporate that into the drop cap some how. 


Just started this Skillshare class today and I'm not 100% sure about my book choice, but I wanted to get something up! 


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