The Heist

Company Description:

M.G.A. (Brand not named yet).  is a story telling company at its core.  Stories that get my audience to start thinking about making positive decisions.  To get the wheels turning so to speak.  To inpsire youth  to work towards a worthy goal.  Don't let others "Heist" their ambitions.


The Heist

Core Message:

To inspire youth to take charge of their decisions and show how that can effect their entire lives.  To not let negative people, ideas and activitives "Heist" their time and abilities.   To show if they want to do something great (i.e. start a business, go to college, play in a band, travel the world or help others) it is possible if they just make the decision.   All communicated through a great story.  (That story is still being worked on and comes from my personal experiences).

Ideal Audience:

High School students, College students, Educators and Councilors.


I want to tell a great story because it has been a great story that has helped inspire me to make good decisions.


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