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The Heedless Heart


There is no specific age group for this story but my primary audience are those who love thrillers, mystery, a bit of fantasy and some romance. My favorite genre for writing is fantasy and horror. My cover is right there as needed. And my blurb is this:

" All I need is love. What more could I ask for?" Samantha asked the question with pure ridicule and ignored it. But what if everything is gone, what if love is gone? What if...? What if...?

Plot summary:

Samantha Hopkins is a woman with high hopes and dreams; she has the perfect life, the perfect job, perfect house and the perfect lover, Edward. She never found something to complain about because she already loved it all. However, there is the question: “What if?”

Samantha just happened to come back home late at night from work while Edward was waiting for her. She simply saw him and kept dragging herself to her room and went to bed; she didn’t want to do anything except sleep.

Dawn approached the next morning, but something doesn’t look and feel right... 

And here is the story


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