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The Heavens Above

Target Audience:

It's a YA fiction focusing on family relationship. My primary audience would be young adults, and on wattpad, I've noticed that it has more male readers as it's written in a boy's POV.


I used Pixlr to make the cover. I tried to give it a darker mood like the story's setting.



I first came up with a five sentence pitch which I later extended so that it said enough to draw the readers in.

Short Blurb:  A woman's scream, her lifeless eyes, and his hands covered in her blood are all that's contained in Brian's past. She was the woman who meant the world to him, and also the woman who died for him, and according to others: 'killed by him'. After the incident, Brian moved to a new town which carried no trace of what he had done, and this offered him a freash start, an escape from his haunting past. But coincidental occurences there lead him to unwanted discoveries about his past, pushing him back to face his only fear ─ picking up the broken pieces left by his misdeed in the past. He can take the chance of uncovering his past and reveal his true self to the people who has considered him innocent in order to remove his guilt, or he can choose the easy way ─ to let his life shatter to pieces once again, but this time with no way of being fixed.

Longer Blurb:  All Brian can see when he looks back are a pair of hollow eyes, telling him that he can't be forgiven. Those eyes belonged to the woman who meant the world to him, and also the woman who died for him. According to his family, she didn't die, but she was killed and the killer was him; and the reality says the same.

After the accident that killed her, Brian got to move to a new town which offered him a fresh start, an escape from his haunting past. He believed that his family was the only people in the whole town who knew about what he had done.

He had shut the world before anyone could shut him. He feared that letting anyone talk to him will only push him farther from his belief that he will be forgiven one day. But things start to change when Claire comes into the picture trying to help him. This forces him to make unwanted discoveries about his past. It offers him a chance for redemption, but he has to face his biggest fear first - to pick up the missing pieces left by the misdeed in his past.

He can take the chance of uncovering his past and reveal his true self to the people who has considered him innocent in order to remove his guilt, or he can choose the easy way ─ to let his life shatter to pieces once again, but this time with no way of being fixed.



My chest doesn't move. It doesn't go up, it doesn't go down. It stays still, determined not to move even an inch. My lungs pound against the ribs trying to take in air. But all my ribs do is stay stiff, preventing me from breathing. The cannula in my nose is of no help. It keeps giving oxygen which my lung can't take. Every attempt to breathe leaves a whizzing sound out of my mouth, a few teardrops out of my eyes. The bed sheet beside me crumples in my fist. I bite hard my lips and close my eyes.

A pair of hollow glassy eyes cover my vision. Her wide-openened eyes stare at me. The dark black eyeballs don't move, they don't even blink. I stare back at those lifeless eyes which keeps saying - Look what you've done. You can't be forgiven.

"I'm sorry," I murmur. What else can I say? Nothing will bring her back now. She's gone.

She's gone. It takes a while to swallow it - the truth. I open my eyes again. I can't look at her dead face any longer, specially not after each details of the accident has started coming back to my memory.

The black truck, her bloody face, and then darkness covering my vision - it all comes back to me. I try not to remember any of that but they fight their way inside my head.

I was driving, I remember seeing my hands on the steering wheel. I was driving at the time of the accident. What else did I do? For a moment I try to remember what happened before the accident.

Wh- what are you doing? Brian, stop! I can hear her voice now. She was scared, she was yelling and I got mad. I don't want to remember anything else. I know what happened next. I don't need a flashback for that.

Tears well up in my eyes. The tiled white ceiling above me gets blurry. My chest stays rigid. I wish someone was here. I wish I could grab onto someone's hand instead of the sheet which doesn't help. Anyone could be here to lie to me, tell me I'll be fine, none of it was my fault and I'll be forgiven.

No one has bothered to do that. They know what I've done. They know that it wasn't an accident. I try to take a deep breath hoping it will help me to hold back the tears. My chest stays stiff rejecting my attempt to breathe. Instead of the heavy hospital air, the smell of fresh lilies go down to my lungs. Black spots appears before my eyes darkening everything around me.

The big dead eyes stare back at me. You can't be forgiven. She whispers. I wish I could take my eyes off her face. Her pale face covered in blood is all I can see. You won't be forgiven.

"I know. I'm sorry," I say under my breath.

I wish she was lying. But if it was a lie, dad would be here, slumped in the chair beside my bed. He would be holding a cup of coffee, trying to stay awake so that I don't have to wake up and find myself alone. He knows how much I'd hate him if I ever had to wake up in a hospital and find myself all alone. He knows how much I'm wishing that he would be here now. But he's still not here.

How long have I been here? Was he here before I woke up? He couldn't be. He can't stand to see me now. I don't have the guts to look at him either. After all, he's not mom. He'll never know how to forgive me. So I won't be forgiven.

I won't be forgiven. She is right. No one at home would like to see me again. They can't forgive me. I can't forgive myself either.

I take my hand up to my face and pull away the cannula away from my nose. The air feels heavier now, making it even harder for me to breathe. My fingers clench into a fist again, and my veins come up. Everything starts to go dark again before the pain becomes unbearable.

In my hazy vision, appears a few doctors and nurses running inside, saying things to each other which I can't hear anymore. They'll do anything to keep me alive, but I'll also do anything so they don't get to do that. For all I know, I don't have the strength to stay alive ignoring this feeling of guilt. I stop struggling to breathe. My hand now lies flat on the bed, with unclenched fingers.

Find it on Wattpad:
The Heavens Above by aisha_35


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