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Lisa Hahnel

Digital Product Manager



The Heart and The Sea

Pick A Phrase

I am working a lettering project to accompany a watercolor that I have on my wall.  


I love everything about this image. The gentle giant that is the blue whale. The beguiling girl in the boat. The connection between a human and the animal kingdom. The stillness of the night. The quietness of their moment. 

I wanted to find a phrase that would match the tone and the feeling of this image.

I went through a lot of ideas. A lot. But I finally settled on

"My heart sleeps by the sea".

Brainstorming Words

sunhine sparkling on water, sea shells, whales, flowing through water, sea shells, mermaids, blue, water, peace, calm, serenity.

Mood Board

I created my mood board with other images and ideas for fonts and color reflecting what this phrase means to me.

I'm really like the flowing style of font I picked in the middle of the mood board, as I'd like a lettering that suggests movement like the flow of the ocean. But I also want to experiment with some other styles. 

Warm Up I

I picked the word "heart" to play around with. 

I am still preferring the cursive scrolly style for this project but found this funky 70's font called Loo Snoo Roman, that I thought I could play with - it looks a little like the font you sometimes see on vintage surf posters.

Warm Up II


This was harder that I thought it was going to be. But I think eventually I got together some ideas I can work on further. 

Round I - was a disaster, barely anything herwe was useful to go off. 

Round II - Started to see some ideas here that I thought with some tweaking could make something ok. Disappointing I am not enjoying any of the concepts with script fonts as I orginally thought would best suit this project. 

Round III - Ok finally something I can work with here. 


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