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The Harry Potter Series

I'll be having a lot of firsts for this project so I'm planning to go batshit by creating a drop cap for each book. I got more excited when I learned that “Rowling” has 7 letters, so I'm gonna be doing the letters R, O, W, L, I, N, and G. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to put all of them here; I'll probably post the others on a portfolio site or whatever, which I do not have yet.

Harry Potter because I felt quite obedient when Jessica asked us to pick a book that has a lot going on. It only took me a split second—duh, Harry Potter! But I'm just really a Harry Potter freak so I've decided to let this project take over my life somehow.

It's so tempting to go the easy route; I would just be going ahead and drawing each letter using the book's titles as my actual concepts, like draw the R with the Philosopher's Stone concept in mind, the O have the Chamber of Secrets', and so on. I'll probably do some application of these but I want to go the bonkers route with this project and include the actually relevant elements in the books.


First, R: Philosopher's Stone

So after making a list of words after my research and note-taking...

(I clearly have the finest quality of images thanks to my iPhone 3GS. Sorry guys.)

...I picked the few that I thought were relevant.

Letter R explorations followed (and made premature criticisms):

After this, I was stuck for 2 days and just couldn't get myself to sit down and sketch even though I had some concepts in mind, for some reason. But I thought no one's going to do it for me anyway so here are the following concepts I've come up with:

First, the easy route:

Look at how lazily I filled in the white spaces. 

Anyway, I want this to look like the R was chiseled to perfection like some 8-pack abs and look geometric by using (fifty shades of grey) different shades and tints of red, with the R having the lightest tint for a relief kinda look. I was actually planning to draw a fragmented stone (forming an R) solely for creative reasons but I realized that the stone was never fragmented. Not my favorite, but I'll probably like how this will turn out if the actual thing is shiny and printed on a black or white background.

An exploration of the stone, in which I threw the Sorting Hat, Snitch, and Hogwarts Letter in at random points—these materials mean beginnings for Harry, and this book is the first book so, you know. I think this can be improved by making the tail dip a little lower and increasing the height, just to loosen it up a little bit.

Second, the Mirror of Erised:

I think the Mirror of Erised is a significant thing in the book, so this was another concept I worked on. As you can see I made the bottom of the cloak a loose bracketed serif, and I think it worked. I like Lily and James’s ghost figures part, but I don't like how the rest of this letter turned out—I was intending to draw the details of the mirror in the bowl and tail but to be honest I just guessed and randomly doodled thus the yucky outcome haha. I'm also not a fan of the slab-ness of it as it's just not the feel of the Erised. Maybe if this was a letter I, this concept would work better.

Another (vomit-)exploration of the Erised in lowercase, in which the ear contains the stone. Too much going on and kind of vague for me, so I'm feeding this to Nagini.

Third, owls and Hogwarts letters:

This is my favorite concept. The amount of owls in Philosopher's Stone is just ridiculous and they're super fun to explore so I sort of had a blast. Despite the shortness of this event in the book and the film, I find that the owls and the flood of Hogwarts letters scene is an important chunk of the plot. I mean, even though Hagrid gave the letter that Harry actually got to read, if the scene above didn't happen the next books probably wouldn't have happened as well. Also, I think it has this figurative invitation to read Harry Potter. You know, like, JK Rowling wants your soul and the owls and the flood of invitations (to a magical journey you'll cherish forever) are sent by her.

Okay! So this dude is actually inspired by the Privet Drive scene above. The criss-cross thing you see on the stem is from the windows. I'm kind of unsure about this exploration but I like that this makes me curious about the book. I also think that the owl guy perching is kinda disproportionate for the letter's size.

This is probably a looser version of the one above. I like the invading look of the owl here and the falling letters have more depth. I was planning to put another owl on the top right area of the bowl but I figured it would look too busy. If I choose this, I'm probably going to make changes with the type and make it more Clarendon-y, since I think it looks wide and I don't know, looks more like a college student than an 11 year old. I guess with the right color this would work. 

I regret making the tail dip on this one but I think it adds character. Maybe if I also lower the stem then this will be quite alright. I wasn't sure about including the flood of letters but I really like that the placement of the owls suffice, although I find that they don't spark the same curiosity as the previous ones. I mean, if I see this one on a book cover I'd put meaning on the owls being two and not like the previous ones that make you curious about the owl and the flood of letters instead.

So there. Super excited to work on this. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I'd appreciate a (constructive) feedback! :)


Nov 18:

It's finally done! I had to sit through this for a long time because I just couldn’t make it work with Jessica’s format, so I made my own! This project has grown really dear to me so I was really careful. With the help of my art school background, in which there was too much illustration and painting, I relearned illustration since I’ve been wanting for so long to apply it to my other lettering stuff, and I’m really happy about how it turned out :) 


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