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The Harpies

As I was sitting down to think of what it was I wanted to create, the notions of death, innocence, and the juxtapostion of terrifying against beautiful were ideas I really wanted to play around with. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to reference the fashion and costuming of Alexander Mcqueen and Colleen Atwood... because both find a very unique balance between hair raising and gorgeous. 

I started finding these images of vultures as well as images from movies and comics I love such as Pans Labyrinth and hellboy, and started juxtaposing them against less "grotesque" imagery. 

Having just reread The Amber Spyglass, by Phillip Pullman, which has an entire chapter about Harpies... I started to see connections in the imagery I was finding. 

I like the idea of juxtaposing more classic images and feelings against very geometric and "modern" imagery.

Here are my current photo groupings:


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