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The Hargreaves Clan

Hi Guys,

So this really felt like a rushed job and I'm not 100% happy with it but I'm going to post it anyway.

I do also intend on putting my process up once I have the time but things have been really hectic atm.

To be honest, this project has come at quite a good/bad time. Bad because things haven't been great and i've had no time but good because these things have brought us Hargreaves' closer together and stronger than ever before.

But a quick background to my idea anyway...

I based it on a beer mat...we all love our alcohol in my family. And I obviously had to add the Yorkshire (County in England) rose...we're Yorkshire through and through for as long as I know.

Our new cockapoo dog's silhouette is on the bottom. We've only had her for a few months but the family is just complete now with her and after me and my sister moving away and things going on back home I don't know how my mum and dad could cope without her keeping them busy!

Anyway, there's the background and here's the logo. I will post my progress up soon hopefully:



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