The "HappyAccident" Wreath (now with color)

The "HappyAccident" Wreath (now with color) - student project

The "HappyAccident" Wreath (now with color) - image 1 - student projectMy plan was to do a five point wreath for the four seasons and extend the spring branch (as it is spring). When I got going on summer, I accidentally went over the point and decided to just go with it. To avoid overloading the picture, I inserted a sprig of just leaves.

If I can figure out the best method to do it, I'm going to add some color. I'd prefer markers, but if they end up smearing, the card is ruined. So in the end, it'll probably be colored pencil.The "HappyAccident" Wreath (now with color) - image 2 - student project