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Sierra Schwartz




The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde


Hello All! For this project, I have decided to do a piece based off of the story "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde. The story is part of a collection published by Wilde in 1888, and involves a sparrow and a statue, and their good deeds. 

Wikipedia summerizes the story as: "In a town where a lot of poor people suffer, a swallow who was left behind after his flock flew off to Egypt for the winter meets the statue of the late "Happy Prince", who in reality has never experienced true happiness. Viewing various scenes of people suffering in poverty from his tall monument, the Happy Prince asks the swallow to take the ruby from his hilt, the sapphires from his eyes, and the golden leaf covering his body to give to the poor. As the winter comes and the Happy Prince is stripped of all of his beauty, his lead heart breaks when the swallow dies as a result of his selfless deeds. "


I also decided to create a small mood-board, which I found helped me further distill some of the ideas I wanted to work with.



Going into sketching, I knew that I wanted to play with the idea of stripping away beauty, as well as the seamstress (the first person helped by the prince and sparrow) as well as the idea of Egypt VS the Town where the prince is.

sketches 1

I feel as though I am not quite sure on a direction, and plan on going further. Any help would be great!


My First Vector. I would say it is less than successful. The "Feather" (if you can call it that... MAybe "Gradient Blob" would be more appropriate!") is looking off, and I am not sure about theornamentation on the W. More work, but I like my concept, which is the first step!


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