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Alejandra Quintero

industrial designer & entrepreneur



The Handsome Pig


The Handsome Pig is an innovative casual apparel company. They represent a fearlessly adventurous and spiritually curious lifestyle, with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.


To create high quality technological products, while offering a unique online experience with inspiration and challenges to unlock your true potential for a better world.

Target audience

20 to 35 year old citizens with a free soul,who love to relax in pair of jeans and a tshirt, yet care to look good and express their own style. They are interested in technology, in a way it can improve their lives but could happily live without it. They sometimes think themselves as different and they have the courage to follow their heart and intuition to challenge the status quo.


Challenge yourself. Challenge the world.


Other casual apparel companies and small brands with a strong message.

Distinguishing characteristics

• The company will be the first in Mexico to create casual apparel with textile technology and aims to raise the bar of this industry in terms of quality.

• The company employs inspiring people, who will be as engaged in the company’s purpose as they are passionate about their work.


• adventurous/free • fun • inspiring • genuine • vintage-modern

Hey! I'm Alejandra, an industrial designer living in Mexico City. Two of my good friends and I have been working on this concept for a while, and now it is becoming a reality. We would love to hear your comments & feedback.

(Aug.31.2014) Update: I've uploaded website design. After about a year, we are finally launching! Look for us at or


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