Maribel Navarro

I'm here to learn.



The Handsome Family poster

This was definitely a new way to process my creative vision that made me work harder as I colored it and thought about how the process would pan out in a practical application. 

Beginning    I had my band and concept down no problem.  The Handsome Family regularly inspires my own art, as their work is rich, haunting yet sweet, and deals a lot with nature (both flora and fauna).

The first picture is of my "research" notes, I listened to their album "Wilderness" and read off their website to get the best impression of them as artists.  I knew I wanted something surreal, slightly macabre and subtly sweet.


Final Sketch      I finalized my sketch using pen and ink.  I had considered using a brush pen, but worried that the variation in weight would actually change the mood of the drawing.  At this point, I wasn't really sure how it would work when digitizing it, but I have a better idea now as to how I would do it the next time :/


Digitizing and Coloring     I ran into some frustration deciding what colors to use; the initial 3 (technically 2 colors because black was already chosen earlier), and what secondary or tertiary colors I could whip up keeping in  mind that paint is transparent and can be layered- like I said early, a new way for me to think but the longer I worked on the poster, the more I began to enjoy what it was and worry less about what I had in mind to begin with.  Overall, as my first try I think I'm satisfied with it although i worried I may have gone way to detaild. I am very much looking forward to feedback that would help me with future attempts.  It's most certainly a learning process for me because of the complex process I have to keep in mind in the background, but it's an enjoyable project and experience nonetheless.



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