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The Handmaid's Tale

One of my favorite books is The Handmaid's Tale. I reread it for this project and wanted to stick with the format of using the authors last initial (A for Atwood) as the drop cap.

My initial sketches:


All of my sketches were pretty illustrative. The first sketch is the letter A and tulips in an embroidery, since Offred had a little cushion in her room with embroidery on it which was symbolic of her rebellion against the rules. The tulip represents the defiance through femininity throughout the book. I really like this idea, but it seemed a little too easy.

The second shows the Winged Eye of God that the oppressors used as a logo/symbol. This option has a strong slab serif block font that goes with the heaviness of the oppression of the eral.

The third represents Offred herself, shrowded in wings, but soft and feminine and powerful underneath.

The fourth was an option to do more flowers. This option could have been developed with more swashes and swirls, representing the spring, blooming, birthing, etc.

I chose to further develop the Winged eye and the Shrowded in wings. I sort of wish I had explored options without wings, but I felt these two were the strongest in terms of representing the book.

Further Sketches:



For practice, I chose to do both. Since the letter forms were so different.


I like the way this one turned out. I'm a little bit critical of the coloring of the eye, I played with that a lot and settled on this. I feel adding in white would have been able to fix it, but I stuck with the two color restriction. I don't do a lot of illustrating, and I think that shows in the wings and the eye. But I learned a lot doing this.

The second cover:


I really liked the way the letter form turned out here. I think the wings might be a little too complex, and take away from the letter.


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