The Gym Experience That Cares About Your Success More Than Anything

What is our brand?

We are a health coaching facility that helps clients transition into a healthier lifestyle. We work with middle age people who want to be healthier or want to improve their golf game tremendously.  Some even want to be professional golf players. We do this through personal training, nutritional services, and specific golf fitness training program. We provide a friendly and enthusiastic environment that is supportive of this transition. We view everyone as a person first and client second.


The 11 Questions.

What is marketing for?

For us, it's a story about how the service or benefits of the service fit in your life. Or as we like to think how it changes your life for the better. And how it bleeds into other areas that are important to you.


What am I allowed to touch?

Our social media, operations, content and able to give feedback on the quality of our service. I am allowed to touch other areas as well. As long as I provide supporting evidence for the idea.


What can we measure?

Social Media engagement, brand awareness, monthly leads, new clients, loss of clients and referrals.


What can we change?

How people look at health in the context of their lives. By selling to people who want to make a change and showing them a new way of approaching health.


What promise are we keeping?

For clients, we are promising them that we can guide through successful change. By holding them accountable and working with them to come up with strategies that work for their unique challenges.

For my boss, I can help you create a culture that lives your story, internally and externally.


What is the hard part?

- The hard part is getting all of our clients to see successful change. Because we have not mastered the skills to facilitate successful change. i.e. change psychology. We have the exercise and nutritional skills to show them but they need help when they are outside of our facility the most. So they don't undo all of their hard work.


Getting our whole staff to embrace our philosophy. Which is to seek continuous growth and go through successful change them. In other areas of their lives. This goes for both our coaches and front desk staff. Some of our staff does not embrace the active lifestyle either. So this is a challenge as well.

It's difficult to differentiate ourselves as superior from other facilities that thrive based on the trendiest workout. i.e. Orange Theory and Crossfit.


Getting our front desk staff to learn how to handle all of the customer accounts, questions and be enthusiastic when attending to clients.

Find a branded technology that makes it easy for clients to reschedule sessions without our help.

Should we make trends or follow it?

We are aiming to follow a specific trend. A trend that is not local yet but has found success in the online market.


Where is the risk?

The risk is that clients feel like we are simply providing an expensive workout. That they feel like they can get the same value at a company who charges less than us. This would make hard for us to ever regain these clients or their friends. Since their negative comments could hurt us.


Who is in charge?

The two owners that are the only ones above me.


What is the money for?

The money is for retaining, delighting our current clients, and giving them the tools to help spread our brand through word of mouth. To help them see us a luxury brand.


What is the most important way to spend my time?

Learning what our clients say about us or how they perceive our brand. What they have the most trouble with when it comes to engaging with our brand or reaching their goals. So we can provide more solutions or improve the solutions that we already have.


Sharing client success through our website, media, lunch and learns and our physical facility. In a story.


Attend high social functions. Talk to others and network with them.


Creating better experiences and results for our clients.


Improve our company culture. Get our staff to act more as a family. Look out for each other's well-being and inspire


The 3 P’s we will prioritize


Promotion, Place, and Purple.


Promotion is a way for prospects to see the results that we provide. We can’t physically give it to you but you can either experience it or be inspired by someone who has been able to achieve the results that you want.


Placement -  is a way for us to get space next to our target audience and delight them at the same time. How will it lead to a breakthrough? When you engage with a brand


Purple - we do want to create something that is worth talking about. We don’t want to be average in comparison to others and we want to provide the best possible experience for all of our clients. Enough for them to find health as transformative as we do.

The Top Concepts We Will Use:


Emotion - How to generate it.




Network effect

Change - How to Cause It





Lifetime Value Analysis


Alert - How do we get the chance to alert people about updates.

*Side Note- We use direct marketing as much as possible.

**Direct Marketing - measure marketing. No intermediary between you and the prospect or viewer.



Email Marketing (Online Training & Brick and Mortar.) (Need to improve deliverability.)

Social Media.

Increasing Returns.

  • You have to build a schedule for marketing. Continuously show up time and time again. Every great brand is consistent. And persistent with their story.


  • It’s difficult to establish who your audience is and who it isn’t. But to make people want to hear from you again is the goal.


Share- How do we encourage people to share.

  1. Referral, powerful referring - Somebody who benefits by recommending the service/product. Because the referral has more trust with the other person now that they recommended a helpful product/service.


  • Viral Marketing/Making your service/product noticeable in public  


  • Sneezers/brand advocates  


  • Hive/group of people that hang out together. 


  • Amplifier/Giving our biggest fans the tools to talk about us 


  • Obsess on a group small enough to spread awareness.


  • If your marketing isn’t working, then your product/service isn’t working.    

My marketing point of view

Marketing is a way to evoke a positive emotion in people with a message or brand that is there to make your life better. As a marketer, I will not prioritize short-term financial gains over long-term customers or relationships. Building great relationships is not exclusive to brand and client interactions but is also imperative to the employees who carry out the brand's mission through their actions. Relationships are the key to my and the company’s success in the long term.

In other words, I  approach every situation looking to provide more value then I extract from it. This is for employees, customers and the community that we serve. Both physically and online.


The Story. (How you seduce the people you want.)

Our clients are our story. The benefit we sell is noticeable when you look at our clients. They are brand ambassadors. They are successful people who also have success in reaching their fitness goals. They have calm demeanors about them because they are mindful individuals. They have successfully gone through transformative experiences. Both mental and physical. They wear our apparel proudly around town. They are people that inspire you and you notice they have the same apparel.


They engage with the brand through social media and tag their work out partners. It feels like a community. Their friends see it and feel like they are left out. Thanks to the well-designed welcome handwritten cards, client bag, introspection inducing assessment and the friendliest welcome that makes you feel like you been friends with the staff for years, you feel like it’s the best experience you could’ve bought.  


Our coaches are the products of what we sell. They are busy people who learned how to integrate health into their busy lifestyles. They learned the skills needed to take a step back and manage their focus when things get chaotic. They are in control of their lives. The want of feeling in control is what drove you here in the first place.


The coaches understand your struggles. They empathize with you. They help you come up with solutions that are unique to your situation. It’s like having your own psychologist, motivator, and person that keeps you on your game. It’s not just a person that is flexing casually throughout the whole session. This is exactly what you were looking for, if not more.


Yes, they have a lot of clients. But they find ways of keeping track of your progress and showing it to you. You don’t have much time, so it’s important that you make the most out of your workouts. They push you slightly out of your comfort zone. But not too much that you don’t want to go back.


The front desk staff greets you enthusiastically once you come in. They offer you a towel. Let you know coffee is there in case you need it. They give you smoothies on the way out once a month.  


Some life events happen and you can no longer attend. But a few weeks later you received a handwritten card in the mail. A card wishing you good luck now that you’ve gone on your own.


It doesn’t feel like a business transaction. It feels like your presence is truly missed.


It’s over. At least temporarily. But now you know this is a place for people who want to be in control of their lives. And be surrounded by people who care about their success. You are forever a brand enthusiast.


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