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The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower I (Redesign)

My favorite cover for this book is the second edition, I believe, with art by Michael Whelan. The layout of the text never blew me away, though I remember the raised print very well -- but for me, it's the cover that conveyed the vibe the best. I love the revised edition's crow-centric cover, which feels menacing yet bare (like the book's world), but it comes at the loss of our main character and his journey. The rest attempt to mimic with mixed results that Whelan cover's spotlight on the two title "characters", The Gunslinger and The Dark Tower.

Previous Covers

Then I found the first edition's cover, and even though I didn't enjoy it's random choice of cover art/scene, I loved the spine and bold, almost retro quality to it's typography. The "rook" quality to this original version of The Dark Tower itself HAD to be included. After my redesign, I started thinking of how easy it would be to replace the title character with a Knight piece, his quarry with a Bishop, and have many fallen Pawns, perhaps having the chess board half buried in the desert sands... but I like that the final design keeps this vibe without completely becoming just iconography.

First Edition

I've read this book many times, so while I didn't re-read the entire thing, I did read and flip through and instantly saw the one element that was really missing from these other covers, the character who is actually mentioned first in this book. "The Man in Black"

After toying around for a few, I landed upon this almost 60s movie poster look.

The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower I Redesign

I left space on the bottom of the spine for a publishing logo, as well as on the bottom of the back cover for price and UPC code. 


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