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The Guerrilla Marketing Business Academy

  Jay Conrad Levinson the author of Guerrilla Marketing  passed away on October 10, 2013. Before his death he left the legacy to distill the information contained in over 40 guerrilla marketing books and develop a relevant degree program to his trainer and coach Larry Loebig.  

Larry is a WISR faculty Ph D candidate and as the Director of the Guerrilla Marketing Business Academy he will bring some major guerrilla marketing activity back to the SF Bay Area and Sonoma County.  As the Guerrilla Marketing Philosophy was founded in Berkeley and San Rafael, one could say Guerrilla Marketing is coming home to be re-imagined. 

 "Jay and I talked a lot about this project since first announcing Larrys creation of the academy in the latest edition of his all time best selling business book Guerrilla Marketing.”  We realized Jay’s life work of book publishing had a cumulative effect of developing - The Guerrilla Marketing Business Series. For over 30 years, Jay spent the majority of his time focused on development, researching and co-authoring over 40 books with the top business authors in the field.  During his lifetime, Jay focused on book publishing as the primary means of getting the material out to the public. After selling over 25 million books we are excited that his legacy and research will be continued and expanded through the Academy of Guerrilla Marketing.

The heart of the new Academy of Guerrilla Marketing will be located in the quaint Russian River resort town of Forestville California, where, Larry Loebig, Guerrilla Marketing International Master Trainer and Coach, now lives. Over the past several months, Larry’s mission has been to work on transforming his new home into a state of the art home media center.  "I love living in an area of California that is part wine country, part river resort, beautiful year round and yet we still have easy access to major cities like San Francisco, Berkeley and Santa Rosa.  These cities provide a strong, creative playground to re-imagine and build a world class Academy of Guerrilla Marketing.    Jay’s books have already been translated into 64 languages although our initial strategy was to expand locally we definitely need to be thinking and moving globally.  With leveraging technology and broadband we can reach out and interact with the global community.

In order to deliver and develop interactive programs, seminars and workshops we are going to offer the business owners and entrepreneurs of Northern California the opportunity to participate by having access to the training facilities and resources that are being planned and created at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa and The Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley California.

We will also be bringing the revolutionary business and philosophical teachings into the academic business degree environment thus fulfilling a long standing dream of Jays to begin offering individualized degree programs, seminars and workshops that will lead to a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Guerrilla Marketing Psychology, a program currently being developed and offered by the faculty of The Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley. 

Jay helped create a small business revolution that still empowers people to create a way to earn a living and go beyond just having a job.  Human beings are meaning makers. Guerrilla Marketing Philosophy is a way for people to make meaning out of earning a living.



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