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Zach Sloman




The Grove

Hey All, Zach Sloman from Lakeland, Fl over here. For this project I took a picture of the orange groves behind my house and altered it into a dark, black and white, and vintage feel. The photo is taken with the Iphone 6 native camera app and processed in Snapseed, VSCO, and Oggl.


This is the vintage feel which was created by adding the S4 filter in VSCO Cam and then editing more with VSCO and Snapseed for some adjustive selecting. This edit is fairly subtle with not too much contrast going on.


For this edit I wanted to something pretty dark but it ended up giving off a little feeling of hope when all was said and done. This shot was edited mostly in snapseed editing the brightness of different parts of the photo as well as adding the filter which really tied the whole piece together. I increased the contrast to really focus on the path in between the groves making that the focal point of the photo. I was very happy with the outcome of this edit.

Black & White

For this edit I used Oggl with the Lucas Lens & BlacKeys Supergrain FIlm. I then imported into Snapseed where I adjusted a few brightness and contrast settings. The contrast between the grass path and the darker treest lent themselves nicely for a Black and White edit as well as giving an old farm land feeling.


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