The Grind Foundation

Hi @AllisonVeronica 

Great class! I am constantly trying to hone my copywriting skills, and your course is one of the best. Clear, concise, and actionable. Great job! 

Please share your feedback so I can iterate...looking to launch the landing page asap. Maybe you can help me get some schwag/merch from your previous/current employers :)

This is the copy for the landing page I am going to direct the startups I reach out to towards. 

The Grind Foundation
The best way to engage your community and build a socially responsible brand.


Meet The Grind Foundation.

We’re a new way for startups to build community and promote a socially responsible brand.

We do this by taking startup merchandise, selling it to fans on our e-commerce store, and using the profits to support underrepresented entrepreneurs.

It’s better than keeping your merch in a storage closet because you give customers a way to feel connected with and organically market your brand...while helping entrepreneurs like you!

We know you’ll love it because we give you a powerful way to give back and grow!

Make A Donation

How It Works

1. Send Us Your Merch Donation

2. We Sell To Fans On Our e-Store

3. We Donate the Profits

Make A Donation

I am not sure if Make A Donation is the right CTA - it is just going to open up an email draft to get in touch with me. Maybe Get Started, Get In Touch, Donate, etc..

I am not sure if merch or merchandise is the better word compared to schwag (or others?) Any advice here?

All worth testing!


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