The Green Wall

The Green Wall - student project

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Hi Amy

Firstly, I haven't finished !

So, I've started the painting  process and , full disclosure ,this is the first time I've worked in any medium other than pencil and pastel....I did do a quick session of mixing and painting prior to starting,  but decided I just needed to launch in head first. Anyhow, I've circled where I've  had my first big "yikes" moment - too much paint and water and I have tried to rescue it  - it really was just a big dense deep green blob and I've tried to break it down -added more water , added some white, added sky , will complete  the trunk - but is there anything else I can do .. or is this a lesson learnt  the hard way ? 


Post 1 

Hi , thought it might be useful for me to post as I progress - which  allows for questions and feedback throughout the process.

I’ve posted the photo of “my subject” and then my inked drawing - just prior to starting with colour ... more to follow.

My first challenge was knowing when to stop with the inking...let’s see how it rolls...My concerns at the the moment are the gravel ( no greens!) but I’m thinking the texture of the paper will help here....with some soft neutral, grey and hint of brown??

Oh and Amy I’d just like to say ...thank you to opening my eyes to “the greens”!!The Green Wall - image 3 - student project