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The Greatest Student In The World

Welcome to The Greatest Student In The World!


We are challenging the status quo.  We want young people around the world to realise their potential and become truly successful and happy people.

We need to say no to mediocrity and the average, and welcome the new era of extraordinary individuals.

We deliver high quality messages and challenges that go beyond just inspirational quotes.  


1) What is marketing for?  

To spread the message (avoid average, become extraordinary) of GSITW to as many students around the world as possible, and for students themselves to spread it to their friends.

2) What are we allowed to touch?

Everything (it's just me at the moment).

3) What can we measure?

Facebook likes, number of people who've seen the posts, likes on individual posts, number of comments, number of people sharing the page

4) What can we change?

We can get people onto the FB page and reading the articles, liking the quotes, sharing the message, taking the challenges

5) What promises will I make? 

That young people will enjoy the posts and be inspired and gain the skills to become extraordinary people.

6) What's the hard part?

Capturing the attention of young people. Convincing people to trust the page, like the articles, share the articles, getting people onto the page.

7) Making trend or following trend?

Following the self-help trend, but making a trend of selling it to young people.

8) Where is the risk?

For students: that the content won't help them become extraordinary, that they'll have wasted time

For marketer: that the content will fal to reach a lot of people

9) Who is in charge? 


10) What is the money for?

For sponsoring Facebook posts, creating Google ads, creating competitions

11) How should I be spending my time?

By making more content for people to like and share.  By asking people to like and share.  


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