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The Great Gatsby

I chose The Great Gatsby because it's a novel I go back to over and over again for the shiny veneer of the tragic romance as well as for the profound characters and over the top imagery. I re-read the story and brainstormed:



My initial sketch:
I liked the idea of Daisy entangled in the stem, which would come to represent Gatsby. When I began to vector, the flowers and leaves looked too cartoon-y, so I nixed that concept and pushed it forward a bit. I really wanted to represent the crux of Daisy’s dilemma in the drop cap and felt that Tom’s hold on her should somehow be represented. The vines and flowers turned into an ornate swash with a pearl necklace that hints back to Tom’s wedding gift to his betrothed. I chose white for Daisy, gold for Gatsby’s car and a deep purple to give it a sense of majesty and status.



I’m still working on polishing up the letterform, as it doesn’t quite look how I have it my mind. I’m still not married to the colors and may tweak the palette a little bit. Thank you for watching and any feedback is graciously accepted!




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