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Mary-Anne R.

Graphic Designer



The Great Gatsby

My favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have read the book numerous times since high school and it makes sense to design a letter for a book I know so much about. For my project I want to use the letter "G."


I wrote some ideas down in my sketchbook to help me decide which direction to go in.

• The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (written in 1925)

• Setting: 1920's New York (Long Island) upperclass (new money vs. old money)

• Characters: Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchanan

Things that stood out to me:

• Gatsby's character - mysterious, wealthy, fancy

• Roaring 20's, Prohibition, alcohol, bootleggers

• Green light at the end of Daisy's dock which symbolized Gatsby's longing for her

• Dr TJ Eckleburg advertisment of eyes with round glasses, said to represent the "eyes of God."

Here are a few sketches:

I want the design to be reminisent of the 1920's and to have elegance and fancy curves. For the first one I did just that and for the 4th one I tried to incorpoate the letter "J" for Gatsby's first name. For the 5th design, I wanted to make the "G" rounded so it would look like half of a pair of glasses (in refernce to Eckleburg). As I continued sketching I tried to incorporate curves and floral designs (daisies) to symbolize Daisy and how much she was valued in Gatsby's life. For my last 2 "G's" I started going in a more Art Deco style and added what looks like a glass of alcohol to show how Gatsby gained his fortune. I'm thinking of making my drop cap green and gold (green to represent the light at Daisy's dock and gold to represent Gatsby's wealth).

I decided to combine my 9th and last sketch to push the idea with the alcohol glass and the flowers to reprsent Daisy further. Here's what I came up with:

I made the curves a little smoother. I’ll work on more variations soon!

I read some of the feedback I got and tried to improve my letter accordingly. The curves are smoother on the outside and they now line up with the letterform and the points match up to each daisy.

I also tried to give my letterform some dimension.

All done! I decided to stay with the flat design and change the floral designs to look more like real daisies. What do you think?


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