The Great Cactus State

The Great Cactus State - student project

First, I just wanna say I really enjoyed this class and I'm glad I did the project. As always, it was fun and informative. I didn't even know painting with ink was a thing and I found the process interesting and enjoyable!

I currently live in AZ and I took my inspiration from the plant life we have around here. When I first moved to here, I didn't really get what the BIG DEAL cacti were. I just thought, cacti and succulents are true icons here in the southwest and I appreciate them more. 

For my research, I just took a few photos on my weekly walk I take with my husband and it was just a matter of playing around with the ink from there. I loved the moody tones of the ink and variations of grays and blacks I achieved. I went through a few iterations and finally landed on four I felt good about sharing. I used pen for the broken up line work, painted over it with ink, and added some a little pop with some watercolors. 

I did take them into PS and digitized them and added some text I painted and placed on the cards while in PS. Once I finalize them and figure out to set them up to print, I can't wait to send them! 

The Great Cactus State - image 1 - student project(earlier versions, trying to figure out what I like/didn't like)

The Great Cactus State - image 2 - student project

The Great Cactus State - image 3 - student project

(final ones I went with)

The Great Cactus State - image 4 - student projectThe Great Cactus State - image 5 - student project
(postcard fronts and back with lettering added)

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