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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



The Great Black Bear

I've been working with a company for a few months now to put together a really cool product I'll be selling in a couple of months. They will also be a sponsor in an upcoming Skillshare class I'll be teaching. I can't say what it is, but it might not be too hard to guess for the really observant.

So I don't travel very often at all, but this circular design is something I needed to work on anyway.


These are only a couple rough concepts I worked on. I tried a few different styles and options. But I was looking for a bit more minimalistic for my design.


Final Design:

Here is my final design. "The Great Black Bear" is the name of my design that this label refers to. I tried to use some basic balance and hierachy along with a minimalist approach with some thin lines. 


Let me know what you think. There will be more on this and my class in the coming months. In the meanwhile, I'm working on many more classes. If you haven't seen any of the classes I've released so far, check out my profile right here.



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