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The Great Bear

I opened the doors to my new bookcase and there it was, the small white bear with light blue ears and paws... Well, it’s not so white anymore. I haven’t seen it in a while, and once I did, it brought many memories to my mind. It was given to me by my friend the day before I left my country to come to the United States. I’m not sure where she got it from or why she decided to give me this little stuffed animal, but I am glad I have it.

The bear is about 3 inches high and weighs very little, it has light blue fabric with polka dots that cover its ears and paws, so I think it’s a boy. I know it used to be white, but it’s so old and dusty, that it’s now looking grey. There’s a tag on the back that says that it was made in China and it’s stuffed with polyester. Even though it’s dirty, I don’t want to wash it. I feel like it will lose its personality, and the memory of my friend will fade away because the bear won’t be in the same condition.

I believe it was a Friday when she found out I was leaving the next day. She immediately came to my house that same afternoon and we exchanged precious objects to remember each other by. I don’t remember what I gave her but when I got this bear, I didn’t think much of it. I was still in shock that everything was happening so fast, our farewell is kind of a blur in my mind. Moving to another country was scary, especially to one where they do not speak your language. I can’t remember what happened after I said goodbye to her, or even where I put this bear, did I have it with me all the time on the plane? Was it in a backpack? Was it buried in my suitcase?

I know years passed by and remember having the bear next to my DVDs. It would often fall down because I kept taking DVDs out, and was forgetting about straighten it up. I remember looking at it once in a while, thinking about that day and smiling. Smiling because it’s the one thing I have left of her from that day and that time in my life. I recently moved to another place and it is now sitting by my books, only this time, I found it closed behind doors. My bookcase/closet has doors now, which makes it harder for me to see it. That makes me wonder… Did I put it there knowing it won’t be visible so I could finally forget about that day? Or did I just simply put it there because I got used to having it next to my DVDs in my previous home, so I thought that would be home for it? Maybe I should give it a new home next to my window.


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