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The Graveyard Book

Hello Skillsharers!

This is my very first project and I'm really excited!

I've decided to do a drop cap for the letter 'G' for The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I haven't read alot of his stories, but I loved Coraline. I found it creepy and creative. I mean, buttons for eyes! Come on!! This story was just as creepy and very imaginative. It's about a boy who is raised by the inhabitants of a graveyard. 

*A family is killed by a skilled man, but when he goes to kill the baby, the baby is gone. He has wandered outside and up the hill to an old graveyard and the man pursues him. A ghost family takes him in to protect him from this killer. They name him Nobody Owens, or Bod for short.

My process started out along the same lines as Jessica's, but I found myself writing a list, then sketching, then internet searches, then more drawings, add to my list, add more to my sketches and it's kind of all over the place. I just hope it makes sense in the end. 


 Here's my brainstorming page. I still don't think this list is done, but I didn't want to get too far away from the essence of the book, besides, this list has the majority of events since the book wasn't very long. I also have a tendency to write one word that means three other things and I sketched ideas out as I was writing so I wouldn't forget. 


So here is a set of sketches that are along the same lines. I like the idea of a face being silhouetted in the G. In the first one, I like the old crumbly stone since he lives in an old graveyard; now that I look at it, the G kind of reminds me of the old Goosebump books G, eh, I still like it. In the second one, the face is too obvious especially since I want to get convey a secretive aspect because he has the ability to fade away and disappear, but I like the knife that comes down. It's an important object since that's what was used to kill his family. 


This one is obviously a headstone. I researched a lot of old headstones and wanted to try and recreate old carvings and symbols. The five pointed flower is from a scene in the book where the dead and the living dance together and that event only happens when the white, five pointed flower blooms. The three headed snake at the bottom is for the Sleer, an ancient spirit(s) that guards its masters treasures underground. The curves atop the headstone is suppose to be ivy. I just doodled it on to represent ivy, but I was also unsure on if I wanted to draw it as part of the headstone or as living vines draped over it. The G is in my best Roman lettering. I wanted something else to represent the age of the graveyard and one of its oldest members is Roman. 


Ignore the finger! This one I tried to play with negative space. It's probably hard to see, but I drew headstones oll over and the negative space in between is the G. In the story Bod knows the layout of the graveyard like the back of his hand and describes things as being in the NW corner or the South end of the yard and so on. I had the idea to try and make a sort of map with the G being the main path. 


This one is meant to encompass a little bit of everything. The G is old stone ( just need to add more cracks), the overgrown ivy with the flower and some heiroglphys kind of hidden in the stone, which I'll probably take out. I was also thinking about putting a face hidden in the vines and perhaps putting the knife in there. 


Final one! This was me playing with different shaped G's. I liked the idea of the knife coming across the neck of the G, but it may by too gruesome.

That's what I have so far! I'd love any input!!


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