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The Graveyard Book


I'm not exactly a Neil Gaiman reader. I've read a few short stories, a few things here and there, and never really understood what the hubbub was about.  (I only read the first volume of Sandman...and it was just really grim.)  

But right after Halloween, a friend loaned me a copy of The Graveyard Book, and it's living up to all of the hype. Only three chapters in, it's already chock full of so many great characters and a rich world, I'm figuring it will be a good book to pick for this class!  (At the very least, this class gives me an excuse to biiiiiiinge-read.  Enabling wonderfully bad habits.)


Finished the book! Really good, lots of rich imagery...there will be a lot to choose from. Tomorrow: brainstorming.


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