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The Grapes of Wrath

I chose "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck the second I sat down to think about my drop cap. There is no other book at the moment that leaves me such an emotional wreck and is so full of events. Even doing a little more research on the Dust Bowl has had me in tears. 

The first two sketches seemed way too cute, they glorify the scenery too much. I ditched those quick. 

This story is about a family's will to survive. A view of what's wrong and right dissolving before their eyes. I know I've probably dug myself a hole. Trying to define a book that's been praised AND burned in one Drop Cap, but here it goes. 

I wanted to start with an extremely simple font for the S. To represent the simplicity of the family and their needs. The two S's on the right feel pretty good.

The S with the luggage: Still felt too cute (I was going to put wheels on the S but decided against it).

The S with the eyes: Made it feel like a detective story. (I was going for hanging up one's hat and searching through the dust.) 

The S with the boards: Seemed too comic-like. Plus the smoke doesn't read. 

I started to like this one a bit but it needs some work. 

The sickle can represent work and death. The fists give off a feeling of revolt and hard work. Lastly, the bars running parallel to each other slightly resemble a money sign. 

All things that work so far, but I'd like to do a couple more sketches for this one. 

Any and all critiqes are welcome. I'm pretty critical of my own work so don't be shy. Hit me with your best shot guys!



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