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The Grandmover

Grand Mover 

Proposal Rewrite Version2

Slot 10 x 30 Minutes - Daytime

Target Audience - over 60's UK homeowners

In a country of 14,000,000 homeowners it may come as a surprise to discover that over 50% of them are aged over 55. 


Grand Mover -  Producer Phillip Hulme

I am writing to introduce  factual/Non fiction series concept “The Grand Mover”.

It is a practical, how-to series which provides detailed help and guidance for over 60’s homeowners who are worried about selling and downsizing their house.

I would summarise its tone and presentation as “What Colour Is Your Parachute Meets Downsizing for ‘Older’ Dummies”.   The advice throughout the series is to move house NOW when you can still make your own choices, not when that choice is made for you.


The Episode précis:

1: Preparing Yourself – Why getting ready to move now is the right thing to do – “No one

ever regretted moving too early and being too prepared”

2: Preparing Your Property – A pint doesn’t fit in a half pint pot – It’s not your house you

love, it’s the memories you have had in it....and we can take all those with us

3: Getting to ‘Sold’ for Older Souls – an expose of all Estate Agents tricks, how to stage your

home – Use these scripts to negotiate a lower fee with the best local agent - “This will save

over 100 times what the licence fee costs”

4: Don’t Ruin Your Viewings – Better ways to promote your house. Using Open Days and

the ‘Big Gun’ of property sales “Guarantee you have received the very best offer by using the

sealed bid system”

5: What Next? – Diagrams of the legal pathways once a sale is agreed, Insiders tip “Set a target date for buyer to legally commit to the purchase on the day offer is agreed”

6: What should I buy? – Detailed pro’s & con’s of each style of property specific to the older

person market.

7: Take Up Boxing – minimise stress by decluttering slowly and adjusting to the

move process “Just one small box to donate or dump every week will pay dividends on move


8: The Grand Mover Day! – NEVER move from one house to another on the same day, move

out 48 hours early, pay for storage, book 3 nights in the best hotel near your new home and

have a smoother, softer landing. ALWAYS use the pack/unpack & storage service from your

recommended remover. “This alone will save 95% of your moving stress”

9:  You Are the Superstar in the Neighbourhood – Produce pen portrait postcards of who

you are and a short bio and have these delivered to 30 neighbours near your new home. Invite

them to a house warming within first 2 weeks. “Become the catalyst for contact in your new


10: Make A Dream Come True before you start ANY of this process: Plan a once in a

lifetime experience within 100 days of moving to your new home a world cruise or exotic

holiday. “This is a gift your old house equity has given you, plan it, book it & enjoy it”


Qualifications for Producing & Presenting “The Grand Mover”

Bio – Phillip Hulme

 10 years experience as Head of Property Sales for leading Retirement Housing


 Pioneer of ‘American’ Style retirement Village living concept in UK.

 Supported the Sales and Moving process for over 2,500 older people in 9 different

locations around UK.

 Presented new later living concepts in public Q&A forums to over 25,000 older


 Wrote marketing material, video voice over scripts and presentations which resulted

in over £150M of sales income.

 As a hobby, created a profitable, brand new (unrelated) business from scratch which

is sixteen times bigger than 



















Phillip Hulme

[email protected]

T: 07885 499649


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