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"The Goods" by fisheypixels/Sam McDonald

Howdy.  I did a thing with pencils.  A few things.

I'll just post most of my process on here.  I started about a week ago, right before starting a second job.  Great timing sam...  Anyway, I've been slacking in my drawing lately, and I took the class so I'd gain confidence and a actual idea of how to draw stuff.  And it helped immensily.  So thanks for that!

My first page was notes during the video.


Please forgive my picture quality.  My tablet isn't any good for anything outside of coloring, so I had to scan in all of my pictures from my sketchbook.  So there's my notes.  Then I did the 10 head assignment.


So we've got some characters up there.  There's the Swag Hag.  Pursed lips man.  Nike man.  Confused kid.  And happy top hatted..guy.

I don't know why, but I always have a ton of trouble with drawing female heads.  I'll have to devote a few pages and hours to fixing that. 

Anyway, When I was starting the men's heads I had an idea.  "Would this work with different shapes?"



I may have borrowed a few things.  The mouth in face #2 is the mouth from the Adventure Time happy face Finn draws.  I love that face.  #1 We've got Eeyore's cousin (that was not intentional).  #6 Some sort of cyborg alien dog thing.  #8 is a goth llama.  #9 the not stoned thing.  #11 was heavily inspired by Joe Mad's art and the aliens from District 9.  The mouth didn't turn out too well there.

Then I got some bodies drawn.  I sorta know how to add muscle to the frame, but I was struggling with how to add fat to the frame.  I'll have to work on that.


I did another two page thing of bodies, but those were awkward looking.  So they stay out.  Also boobs are not my forte when drawing bodies.

That's as far as I got.  I'll update when I draw my actual comic characters and get the next lesson done.  Thanks for checking it out!

- Sam / fisheypixels



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