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The Good Neighbors

Some Faerie Folk. I'm trying for something in the neighborhood of a Charles Vess or Brian Froud interpretation - the dancers of the Wild, strange beings of earth and air, darkness and light, humble wisdom and shadowy terror.

Here are some refined thumbnails. Maybe I'm too fickle - I liked so many of these designs that I couldn't pick just two or three to work on. Any comments on directions people think I could go with these would be appreciated.

My thoughts so far:

With 1 I think it's going towards the Sidhe, possibly the Queen of Air and Darkness Her own Self. Her dress is actually a sort of opaque misty darkness.

For 2, he seems to be a poncy sort of Faun with a fondness for Shakespeare. He isn't wearing actual shoes, but I thought spats based on medieval pointy-toed shoes might be neat, especially considering the connotations of having shoes with really long toes. ^^

3 - I'm not sure, exactly. Some sort of forest shaman, I think - the branches are part of his cape thingy, but I'm not sure he fits into the overall motif as well as the others. Maybe Unseelie?

4 - This one leans more towards a Brian Froud look, which I like. The final version would probably be glowing...

5 - I don't really know what to say about the Stickman, except that I want to do him because I really like his silhouette and concept. I can totally imagine meeting him in a woods, if he chose to break his camoflage. He'd be the one to ask whether it was going to be an early winter.

The rough thumbnails:


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