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The Good Juju Shop - my etsy store

I actually opened my shop up a while ago, when I just started to do some crafting. Recently, as a way to tap into my creative background while working my full-time job, I started to get back into jewelry making. This form of my shop has taken hold in December/January.

One of the primary goals I have with jewelry making is to take items that have been forgotten (dropped off at thrift shops, vintage shops, sold in flea markets, etc.) and repurposing them into new pieces. Admittedly, I'm still learning new techniques and ideas, so I don't have too many items in my shop. While hunting for jewelry all over the place, I also pick other vintage items for my shop. There's many items I still need to photograph and post! :) 

The other items, the wood transfers, are a collaboration with my husband. I have a BFA in photography, and he's very interested in photography himself, so we like to explore alternative methods for presenting and selling our photography. 

I'm taking this class to try to improve my store and get some new ideas and pointers.

My shop is located here:


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