The Good Food Yard

The Good Food Yard - student project

I created the initial designs for the Good Food Yard website based on a project brief and supplied information architecture. 

Looking back, I wondered if there are any areas of potential growth they are missing out on. I thought a proto persona exercise would help give me a better insight into the customer's needs and goals. Thanks for the great course!


Who is my customer for The Good Food Yard?


Busy work life, difficult finding time to cook throughout the week.

Likes health food and fitness brands.

Wants to eat healthy without spending the time shopping for ingredients and preparing meals.

Active and likes to keep in shape.

Uses their smartphone and tablet multiple times a day.

Likes to be organised


The 5 Why’s


I love healthy, organic meals that taste great and that I can organise in advance.

Finding time to cook healthy meals is difficult with my busy work life. Being able to organise them for the week is a great time saver.

I can then spend more time with friends, family and working out my frustrations in the gym.

A good work life balance is important to mental health and wellbeing.

In todays fast pace of life, it is important to keep relationships and have a fulfilled lifestyle.



Meet Vicki Campbell


“I work hard at my job and work hard at the gym. Staying healthy is important to me and finding quick to prepare meals that are also organic and nutritious is difficult.”





Age range: 24 - 40


Location: UK


Profession: Business analyst





Computer: iMac


Smartphone: iPhone


Other Devices: Fitbit, iPad, Sony Wireless earbuds


Comfort with Technology: High



Brand Affinity:


Fitbit, Joe Wicks, Tasty, Mini



Pain Points:

Wants to eat healthy but doesn’t have time to cook properly.

Also juggles a strict gym routine in the evenings.

Likes to be organised for the week but finds it difficult to do this with good meals.



Needs & Goals:

To easily have her meals organised for the week

To keep a strict gym routine after work.

To quickly heat up a nutritious meal.

To make more time for family and friends.




The Good Food Yard - image 1 - student project