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The Goldfish (Psycho-Drama)

Script WGA-ed (Protected) - UPDATED 31/7/2014

This is going to be made into a short film, anyone that helped in the screenwriting process with fixing up bits and pieces will be in the end credit as a Special Thanks :)

Please help to fund this project here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/poisson/x/6105307

Step 1: Selecting Text

The text that I select is from 3 poems that have interconnection between each other. Those poems are Washington McNeely, Mary McNeely and Daniel M'Cumber.

The text begins with the writings of the protagonists Father, Washington McNeely. He expresses his wondrous life after he starts to become a father. Soon his family is torn apart and my text focuses more on the father's daughter named Mary McNeely.

Mary McNeely lives a recluse life after her husband leaves her to other women named Laura. Mary heart felt like a void that she stresses that in order to love, we have to find our own soul through the soul of the beloved. Here, we see that the beloved she mention is her husband who left her and her wish to claim it back in order to start a new life, to be able to love again. Without claiming back her "soul", she can't love. She also mention that her sorrows is making her to be a much supreme self in which in context, a person who wants to be in control thus she has become a sadistic. She lives with her father.

Daniel M'Cumber is the husband of Mary but leaves her for another woman named Laura.

Premises: What if you can take back the things you've lost, even if it's intangible.

THEME/ Controlling idea: "Hatred will eventually kill you".

Subject: A heart broken female.

Fatal Flaw: Selfishness, unable to let go.

Subplot: Don't let your emotion control over you.

Counter plot: Emotion can't be hidden.

Imagary system: Water, Wet, Soak.

Story Acension: Personal, symbolic Accension.

Character: ELLIE (P), THOMAS, TIPSY (Goldfish) (A) 

I choose these texts because it focuses more on character. The whole short takes place in a single location and has perplexed perspective on character including a goldfish.


Step 2 : Drafting

Draft 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbOW1SU0RQS0NZUDA/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbSE44c3Z4Z3hKN1U/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbRjg5Rm9OaGkwZkE/edit?usp=sharing

Draft 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbd3c3cjBDMUZVSVk/edit?usp=sharing

DRAFT 5. : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbbGNXYkw3SkluRHM/edit?usp=sharing

FINAL DRAFT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx-GR5DnOtRbYkhabUpVLXg1Rk0/edit?usp=sharing

Logline : A heartbroken ELLIE who seeks her ex to get her heart back, but to find out that it makes her colder.


I also use symbolism to drive the story by making use of the element to tell a backstory of the film. In which the character will hardly mention about their past instead I will use objects to tell a story of their personal lives. Key Tag that labled as daddy's indicates that she lives with her father. Blood on white cloth also symbolise as the purification of the soul in christianity - blood of Christ. The water wheel and the goldfish symbolises a mediaval term known as the Rota Fortunae. Rota Fortunae is a concept in medieval and ancient philosophy referring to the capricious nature of Fate. The wheel belongs to the goddess Fortuna, who spins it at random, changing the positions of those on the wheel - some suffer great misfortune, others gain windfalls. Fortune appears on all paintings as a woman, sometimes blindfolded, "puppeteering" a wheel. In here, I've replaced the women figure into a fish.

Fish is also symbolise as a cold-blooded creature, not driven by passion, and often represent such emotionless entities. Water is the main image system that will be use throughout the film itself, an example is the man under bondage is always sweating (Fear, tired) and tears (Sorrow, relief). Water, in psychology, symbolizes the depths of the unconscious of a person.

The cutting of the heart symbolise as devouring life or extracting one's soul in french litriture, in the initial draft, I've included canabilism but remove due to intense gore. Adept motif and theme from the writings of Dante's Vita Nuova and the Vision of the Eaten Heart.

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