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The Golden Path

Well I love sci-fi and this technique seems very retro-futuristic to me, so it was obvious I would try to do something related to my all time favourite saga: Dune. The main planet in the book is called Arrakis (a desert planet), where huge sandworms dwell. The locals call them"shai hulud". On the third book of the saga, there is much talk about "The Golden Path", Leto Atreide's strategy to prevent humanity's ultimate destruction.


I first made the sand mountains in cinema 3D. Then I filled them with an orange-y color. I felt that due to the fact that it is a desert, I had to use warm colors. I also researched a bit on how the worm should look, and made one on cinema, using sweep nurbs and polygon reduction, trying to get that low-poly look (I looked it up on youtube).




For the rest of the piece, I edited in photoshop. For the moons/planets I downloaded some moon brushes (moon-brushes-by-hawksmont on deviantArt).

I'm a graphic designer, so I had to put in text (Gotham font). I guess in the end I made a book cover. 

I love the final result! This class was awesome and I can't wait to make more stuff. Thank you :)



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