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The Golden Arrow

<I apologize that this project submission is late.  I live in Boston so my mind was elsewhere last week, but I would be deeply grateful if you had time to give some feedback.>

This game has been on iTunes for a month or two but has had very few downloads.  I'm hoping that this optimization can bump those numbers up a little bit.  

You can see the game here:

The Golden Arrow: Legend of the Monster Hunting Princess



Initial Screenshot:





Run through a haunting kingdom as a mythical monster while unlocking the story of the legendary Princess.  Known as the deadliest monster hunter the lands have seen, discover scrolls which reveal the story of her life, her love, and her deep connection with the monster.

“The writing is simple and beautifully poetic and it calls to mind such ethereal storytelling as the likes of Jonathan Blow’s Braid.” Den of Geek

“There are a couple of poignant story bits there for discovery, some of them surprisingly touched me on a personal level.” Spawn Point Blog

“The Golden Arrow is one of the best endless runners in the mobile gaming market today. It blows the competition out of the water with solid gameplay, a beautiful art style, breathtaking sound design and an incredibly well written plot.” Regret Zero

“Takes things to a different level by providing a unique and compelling narrative.” Indie Game Mag Mobile


- Addicting endless runner gameplay with GameCenter achievements and leaderboards, run and jump through a legendary kingdom

- Beautiful pixel art graphics and haunting melodies

- Unlock scrolls to reveal the legend of the Princess, a poignant modern fairy tale

Download now to uncover the legend!



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