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The Gold Lemon

"The Golden Lemon" is a limoncello label that wants to take the drink of limoncello to the next level. "The Golden Lemon" aims to fill a void in the limoncello game with a modern take of the drink combining lifestyle and experience, whether dining or partying your ass off "The Golden Lemon" brand will enhance that experience.

"The Golden Lemon" name about putting in a premium take on limoncello. the word gold associates with a feeling of power confidence, wealth, but to us this is all in terms of life not financial.

the Mood Board at this point is comprised of a range directions for font, style, colour, label placement and moods.

This is a revised version pf my mood board just to break down the style and look  wanted for the label itself.

Now to the sketch of "The Golden Lemon" brand before i vectorise and clean up the piece, where I'll be experimenting with the size of the sun glaze graphic, colours etc. the label will be a circular label and will be stuck on, i need to play with what bottle shape will suit it best.

I have vectorised the logo, I'm going to draw the bottle design that will look best with this label/sticker piece.

Please send any feedback if you wish this is why I've posted it up. Thanks For your time.


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