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The Goat That Loved Me

Cory's class was awesome and very helpful! Two thumbs up

Edit - Afterlight, Vsco, Snapseed

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T'was a month before Christmas and all through the land 

Many peoples were scurrying with presents in hand. 

With the holiday rush driving everyone mad

I so longed for adventures that I never had. 

My feet took me somewhere, a far away place

Where the trees filled the hills and the snow fell with grace. 

I took a deep breath of the cold mountain air

When I suddenly smelled the foul stench of goat hair. 

I searched all around to find where they could be

And sooner than later there's a goat before me. 

My phone facing forward and hands holding still

We gazed at each other on top of that hill. 

The dry bitter wind pierced its way through the trees

Leaving nothing but snow and an icy cold breeze. 

My hands became shaky and ears start to froze

How I wished to be back with the sand on my toes. 


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