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The Glitch Mob

Polished it a bit and textured some more, calling it done. Thanks for all the feedback and likes! 
Cool side story, Ooah, one of the members of Glitch Mob, complimented my work when I hashtagged this on Instagram! 

Redid the mountains, gave it some proper perspective;

Messing with more color, the woman and the mountains;

Latest version! Iterating away!

Illustration: (running a few days behind, got married this past weekend!) 

The Glitch Mob, originally a five-piece including Kraddy and Kitty-D, was formed in 2006 within the burgeoning Los Angeles bass-driven 'beat' scene. The group made a name for themselves playing live, choosing to perform with laptops and MIDI controllers like the Lemur. They won fans through showcasing their chosen technology during solo performances, and after gaining attention in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the group eventually toured more widely along the West Coast and then to various festivals worldwide.


Glitch Mob has a very epic sci fi feel to their songs, particularly "Drive It Like You Stole It", "Animus Vox", "We Can Make the World Stop" and "How to Be Eaten by a Woman". Their songs evoke in me the feeling of exploring an alien and ethereal landscape, with a bit of funky tech mixed into it. Some place that makes you feel like you have a long journey of discovery ahead of you.

Written Concept: 

I wanted a character in the foreground close to eye level with the viewer, wearing something long and flowing like a hooded cloak, not sure how much I want to show of this character, currently I am thinking it'd be a woman's face, although half her head is covered in machinery, is she human with sci fi goggles? A cyborg? A robot? Is she meant to be you as the viewer? Or your guide? The main point is she is mysterious and ushering you into this alien landscape.

The environment slides downhill from a jagged mountainous moon landscape, to a barren plain. It is gray, cool, lonely and uninviting. On the horizon is an alien looking city, again very mysterious, glowing warm but not because it looks lit up and populated, but hauntingly beautiful, hiding something for you to find out.
Character research:

Environment research:

Early Sketches;


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