The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob - student project

The Glitch Mob - image 1 - student project

I absolutely love these guys. They make your blood pump and your heart rush with the biggest surge of adrenaline that can make you power through anything from that last mile in your run or getting that project in on time. I owe so much to these guys that, in a non-cliché way, I owe a lot of my design inspiration and even my music tase has changed since I first listened to their debut album in 2010.

The Glitch Mob - image 2 - student project

Drink the Sea, 2010

They have this really elegant style of producing that really makes them original; set apart from the rest of electronic producers. Whether it's their stage presence with the awesome use of touch pads or just the fascinating glow of their brilliant neon lights, I just makes you want to go out and be awesome / be your absolute best. They've been musically featured in a few GoPro commercials, including the debut of the HD HERO2 which, I feel, really encapsulates their emotion of going out and living.

The Glitch Mob - image 3 - student project

In concert

Group member Justin Boreta says "they play technology like you would a guitar or drum set."


Breaking down the tonal quality of their music they really have this distinct mood that I want to try and convey. I've come up with a few adjectives that I want to convey (some of these are not real words, I know).

  • Spacey
  • Epic, dramatic, theatrical
  • Motivational
  • Abstract
  • Futuristic

They like their music to take people on a journey and tell a story. This is core to their music style and existence.

For the tone of the poster I've come up with a few adjectives that I want to encapsulate their style in a more illustrative way:

  • Vast & spacious
  • Illuminating
  • Infinite
  • Blinding
  • Mind bending


For the style - I'm pretty confident with my Illustrator skills, so I want to keep it flat and vector, if I got for any textures, it will be minimal grunging done upon completion.

Here's some inspiration I'm looking at

The Glitch Mob - image 4 - student project

Sea Level Album Art by Jeremiah Shaw

The Glitch Mob - image 5 - student project

Embrace The Unexpected by Adam Hrubý

The Glitch Mob - image 6 - student project

This is less of a style I'm going for, but the fact that this "launchpad" is such an iconic element to electronic music producers and especially the glitch mob too


My one issue for these guys meeting the criteria I would like is that they're currently working on their second album in the studio, meaning no tour dates are currently in place. I may position this to be more of a coming soon piece.

I know I'm getting a late start on this (juggling school and all takes up a lot of time), but I'm coming up on my break so expect the work to come out double time. I'm really passionate about this project, but I gotta make sure I finish up these school things first. Be sure to check back next week for some sketches.

To anyone who actually read through my thought process, I thank you. Give me all the critique you can muster, I promise I can handle it.