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The Glass Slipper That Never Fit

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This character is from my very own book called, "The Glass Slipper That Never Fit." Here is the link: 

Character's name: Douglas Reed

“Dom” to his father, due to the fact that his father has actually forgotten his own son's name. 

“Devil” and or "Doug" to his love of his life (Michelle Elizabeth.) 

Zac Efron as Douglas Reed. 





  • His height is 5’9.
  • Muscles paired up with a well known chiselled jawline.
  • Blue eyes (dangerous, pure and bright.)
  • Dark brown hair with blonde streaks. (Quiff hairstyle)
  • Scars all over his body. (mostly from his abusive father, Joe)


Personality Traits:

  • Over protective of his love, Michelle Elizabeth.
  • Doesn’t let anyone get to know his sensitive side due to the fact that he is one of the popular boys in his school.
  • Generous, for example when Michelle (he thought at the time that it wasn’t her), was walking alone in the streets and he decided to go out in his father’s car (his father was drunk off his face to notice that he had left) to give the stranger a place to stay at.
  • Almost always tends to keep the mood light hearted. 
  • Prone to making females weak at the knees. 


  •  Always sexualising almost everything he says when he is around the girl he loves (Michelle Elizabeth the goodie, goodie and nerdy type of girl) and his fellow female classmates.
  • Always has the tendency of provoking fights with people, mostly Michelle's “friend” according to Douglas' jealous side.
  •  Teases Michelle to make her laugh/ try and get her attention whenever the teacher is talking.
  • Almost always gets himself thrown into detention.
  • Gets jealous when another male is hanging around Michelle. 
  • Has the tendency to smirk in situations to do with Michelle that aren't supposed to be amusing. 



  • Has two alcoholic parents. 
  • He gets beaten in his home life. His father held him back from pursuing his highest potential.
  • Only child.
  • Has had one other relationship in his lifetime, which the girl cheated on him with his dad.
  • He doesn’t love his dad and his mother well she’s another story.
  • His mother is usually found off her face and never around when Douglas needs the supportive love and care from someone older. 
  • He stole Michelle’s teddy bear from when she was fourteen years old, it was the only thing that soothed him in his times of need.



  • He loves Michelle Elizabeth but he doesn't know how to show how that he does, even though he did kiss her. In turn he resorted to bullying her for 9 years because he thought that if you be mean to the girl you love, you would get them. Which is mostly due to his home life and the other thing stated in his background.
  • He puts too much faith in people who don’t deserve his time and faith.
  • Covers up his knowledge because he is deathly scared of what his father would make of it.


Internal conflicts:

       ⁃       Unsure of how he still has faith in his father and mother.


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