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The Glass Onion Custom Logotype Project

Okay, so I chose a local company called, The Glass Onion. Its a music store thats sell records and cds as well as appeal. It's a great place to go in brows through old records, stuff is always coming and going, so you will always have new stuff to look at. It's also a great place to go to cuz the owners is awesome. Great guy to talk to about music. But the store's name I believe is derived from a Beatles song. Never asked the owner, but The Beatles have a song called Glass Onion so pretty sure thats where he got it from. The store, has a vintage vibe to, like 60s-70s.

Current logo, on back of business card



Research/ Inspiration


(Actually had some more insperational peices but these were my favorites.





The sketchs are still very rough, and there some kering issues that need to be fixed.



After I went over it with the pen tool. Still need to touch it up however.


The final design with some mock ups below



So, there is my final logo with a couple of mockups would love to hear what you think. If you're an experanced freelance, I would love to get some advice on how I could approch the owner, and deliver the design. Currently I am an aspiring freelance designer with no clients.


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